Version F1.6.5.1 – November 02nd 2016
– Added “Support” tab in Member’s Club
– Image optimisations and size reduction across the facility
– Refreshed some icons
– Various backend fixes


Version F1.6.5 – October 26th 2016
– The front page conference finding tools were compacted into a new layout
– Brand new Member system: login, register, reset passwords, and more!
– Members’ Club featuring account configuration, additional place with conference addition and management, as well as quick access to chat.
– All members have green nicknames in the chat :)
– Updates and fixes all across the site styles

Version F1.6.4.2 – October 25th 2016
– Updated all contact forms to a new system
– MUN Finder now running on newer version of PHP
– Upcoming Conferences Map returns!

Version F1.6.4.1 – September 2nd 2016
– Added Facebook link in the top bar
– Stylistic tweaks in header and logotypes alignment

Version F1.6.4 – August 31st
– Added Delegates’ Chat
– Minor stylistic fixes on the development page
– Other minor bug fixes here an there

Version F1.6.3 – June 25th 2016
– Added blur effect for mobile navigation
– Improved submenu

Version F1.6.2 – June 22nd 2016
– Drastically improved page loading speeds, yey! 
– Finder tab renamed to “Search” for better user experience :)
– Slider is undergoing major fixes and addition of new features, soon…  
– Map was temporarily removed
– Cookies terms and conditions were updated

Version F1.6.1 – February 21st 2016
– Significant Core update, meaning faster load times, more beauty and functions for development
– Calendar updates
– Menu items were rearranged
– Menu design and decoration changes
– Many Back-End fixes, tweaks and improvements


Version F1.6 – August 21st 2015

– Added Google Map MUNs view to the home page: experience of finding MUNs at its finest.
– Added new upcoming MUNs layout: get more visible with your MUN.

System tweaks:
– Multiple (really like 20) important fixes and improvements for the event registration and management.
– Added marker dragging option in Google Map field for new MUNs
– Added Subscribe option
– Improved performance

Version F1.5.4 – August 08th 2015
– Register page info updated for newsletter purposes

Version F1.5.3 – May 14th 2015

– Stylistic tweaks
– Minor improvements


Version F1.5.2 – April 15th 2015

– Other types of youth conferences such as Model Arab Leagues, Moot Courts or European Youth Parliaments are officially welcome as well (see categories).
– Manage MUN: MUN edition form is now perfectly visible on all formats and under any circumstances.
– Page speed optimisations were performed.
– Custom MUN fields are now possible (up to The Team).
– Custom MUN colours are now possible (up to The Team) (??).
– Aesthetic tantrums were sedated.

Known issues:

– Lost password function still out of order (at most times).
– End date of MUNs will be not visible until next update.

Hot fix F1.5.1

– Manage MUN Tab: Login redirects to MUN registration site if logged-in for the first time on the current session. Now it is possible to find one’s MUNs also in registration page, as well as on the Manage tab, if entered on already logged-in account.

Currently working on:

-Lost password and edition form fitting the screen.


MUN Finder version F1.5

– Added Dynamic MUN Categories, available during MUN creation or edition.
– Added list of owned MUNs in Manage tab.
– Calendar can be filtered by categories.
– Finder Tab will search for new categories.
– MUN creation page was updated.
– Finder Tab was updated with new hints.
– Development site was added, available in lower menu.

– Some minor tweaks and fixes, some things gone some refreshed.

Known Issues:
– On some computers it may be impossible to accept changes made through MUN edition form.
– “Lost password” function is still out of order.


MUN Finder version F1.0 – August 2014

Here we begin!