February 1, 2019 9:00 am UTC+0

Goa, India

MUN(Model United Nations) is a simulation of the proceedings of the United Nations.
In essence, it provides enthusiastic and dynamic individuals with a platform to discuss issues of international importance. Participants represent countries in the MUN, and they try to swing the general favor in the interest of the country that they are representing. There are various types of issues such as armed conflicts, drugs, human rights and thus the participants are distributed into committees such as the Human Rights Committee, to narrow down their discussion to issues relevant to the committee and the country.
BITSMUN is a MUN conference that takes place in BITS Goa every year. The conference has been taking place for over 10 years and has thus established itself as one of the most renowned MUN conferences in the country. Every year, we receive around 300 participants from over 7 countries. They are hosted by us for 3 days. Each day of the MUN is divided into a few sessions of a few hours each. The participants are huddled up in their respective committees engaged in fierce debate during this period. At the end of the conference, we have a large Socials party which is typically hosted by us at an upscale location. This allows the participants to mingle with each other and to unwind after 3 days of intense debate. It also allows participants from different countries to interact with each other and learn more about each other’s culture. In essence, BITSMUN is more than a debate event, in that it provides a social platform to a large group of youth to interact and exchange their ideas.