March 31, 2017 to April 2, 2017 All Day

  • Location

    Vancouver, Canada

Canadian High Schools Model United Nations (CAHSMUN) is a three-day high school Model United Nations conference, held annually in Vancouver, BC. Each year, CAHSMUN welcomes hundreds of delegates from high schools all over Canada and North America, and continues to expand student participation in an activity that helps develop public speaking skills, diplomatic attitudes, and critical thinking abilities.

CAHSMUN is a fantastic opportunity for students to debate political, social, and economic issues in an environment unlike any other. Delegates of CAHSMUN will participate in one of over 15 committee simulations of United Nations, regional, and historical bodies – such committees range from the United Nations Disarmament and International Security committee, to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, to the Berlin Conference of 1884. Throughout the conference, delegates assume the role of UN representatives and as members of both international and regional cabinets through adopting the foreign policies of their respective countries.

At CAHSMUN, delegates must learn how to apply their diplomatic skills in a tense environment, while preserving the interests of the country that they represent. Through debating various world issues, delegates understand the complex relationships between numerous states, broaden their perspectives on even the simplest of issues, and develop comprehensive solutions to global issues that face world leaders today. The lively and stimulating debates present at CAHSMUN supplement the personal growth of all delegates, and prepares them for their future as global citizens.