June 30, 2018 to July 1, 2018 All Day


Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies


    This 30th of June, prepare yourselves for intense debate, controversial discussion and the most fun you’ll ever have.

    Helix Model United Nations and Commonwealth Youth Summit is here for its maiden edition. Organized by a dedicated Organizing Committee and headed by a stellar Executive Board, we can assure you that this is one MUN that you are not going to want to miss.

    Conference Dates – 30th June and 1st July 2018

    Committees and Agendas are as follows-

    1. UNSC (Double Delegation) – Preventing extremism in the Horn of Africa.

    2. UN Office on Drugs and Crimes (Double Delegation) – Drug Trade and its ties to insurgency, money laundering, and organized crime.

    3. UNESCO- Freedom of Press.

    4. UNHRC- Abortion and Self-Determination

    5. Commonwealth Youth Summit- Towards a common future.

    6. UN Commission on the Sokovia Accords (MARVEL UNCONVENTIONAL COMMITTEE) – Reviewing the Sokovia Accords

    7. White House – Continuous Crises Committee

    Emergency meeting to review foreign policy changes in accordance with the current geopolitical scenario.


    8. International Press

    Registration- https://linktr.ee/helixmun

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