January 5, 2019 to January 6, 2019 All Day

    IMI MUN is the Model United Nations organized by International Management Institute, New Delhi.

    IMI MUN 2019 will be the third edition of MUN at IMI.

    The event gives the students an opportunity to get acquainted with international diplomacy issues. This simulation allows participants to understand the challenges faced by the world and how they can contribute to resolving the conflicts.

    IMI MUN 2018 witnessed an impressive participation from students across the country. Carrying forward the endowment, we are elated to announce its third edition,i.e., IMI MUN’19. The theme for this year’s MUN is:


    The generation after millennials, GEN Z,is a multi-faceted and driven cohort that places a high value on relevancy and practicality. This forward-thinking generation has risen above the narrow prejudices of the society to embrace diversity in all forms. But when bombarded with conflicting opinions on contemporary challenges, the choices they make using their acumen will shape the future of the planet.

    Will Gen Z be able to cope up with the modern day confrontations? Will they be able to build a world that is sustainable?

    It’s time to comprehend, contemplate and contend!

    The Committees and their respective agendas are as follows.

    Women and children-caught in the crossfire of war zones

    a.) Decrypting the economic implications of cross border data wars
    b.) Fluctuating Trade Power Dynamics

    Colonization and Militarization of Outer Space

    Future of Transnational Insurgent Groups