October 5, 2019 9:00 am UTC+0


Ima house kaloor kochi


Govt. Model Engineering College in association with EXCEL 2019 and MUNSOC, are proud to present before you the third edition of MECMUN 2019. After the second edition of MECMUN, we are excited for our participants to fathom out the real essence of diplomacy, debating and deliberations. We aim to provide a platform where we seek allies to embark on a ‘FORUM FOR CHANGE’, thus confronting issues that ought to be addressed and resolved meticulously! We are happy to announce our association with CUSAT MUN, GECB MUN and UNAIC 2019. It is imperative that we, as the young minds, have to focus on the big issues of our time but it’s equally important for us to deal with the values and principles that get us there. Peace as such is built in the minds of mankind and that charm means that our own mind should be prepared to take on the defenders of peace, the same applies to human rights, development and sustainability.