June 21, 2019 8:00 am Asia/Kolkata

K Star Hotel

Plot No.46 & 55 Sector - 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400614

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To our esteemed youth👫,

Do you desire to shine like a King’s crown👑? Do you wish to gift your opinions their right space? Or are you interested in building some amazing social contacts🤝?

We couldn’t wait longer to unfold the news about the inaugural installment of Rising Youth Model United Nations (RYMUN🌅)RYMUN is ornamented with a dazzling array of unique events such as intense committee sessions, stellar performances, socials night and fun over food.

Join us this June (21-23) at the top notch K-Star Hotel (Belapur) and explore the vibrant committes that RYMUN features.


*1) UNEP: Discussing and deliberating on the concerns to the environment and due to rapid growth in the global population*


*2) BCCI: Discussing the scope of India’s participation in the ICC World Cup 2019 in the light of Indo-Pakistan tensions.*


*3) UNSC: Discussing the causes and the solutions to the rise of religious extremism with a special focus on the Kashmir.*


*4)UNHCR: Laying a scrutiny on the rights and welfare of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in conflict zones.*


*5)Lok Sabha: Constitutional Review or BJPs tenure 2014-2019.*


*6) WHO: Discussing measures against the abuse of prescribed medicinal drugs.*


*7) UNDP: Discussing policies and methods  to implement sustainable development in developing countries.*


*8) International Press: Represent different media channels globally and document all the committes through an interviews and a proper footage. Open for talented writers and film makers.🎙️*


*Marvel: Agenda to be disclosed*


*Besides these amazing committees we also have exclusive entertainment, food and socials for you. Winners get awarded!* Registeration fee of *₹2500* includes all these perks plus a rewarding experience.