November 29, 2019 10:00 am UTC-8.5


green land convent school, new subhash nagar, near basti jodhewal, ludhiana, punjab -141007


Upper Assam Diplomatic Conclave 2019

Ban Ki – Moon once said “Action on climate change is urgent. The more we delay ,the more we will pay in lives and money” and the founders’ believe in those sayings. At the offset of winters of 2019, the youth of Assam will be witnessing a bold move in order to acknowledge the global issues of climate change. The founders of UADC and collaborators stands firm to educate the youth about the environment.

Bringing to you this November : UADC, a platform to go green and to acknowledge , discuss and act on the global environmental crisis.

Upper Assam Diplomatic Conclave promises to evolve the young minds into initiator of change for a better tomorrow.

In this dynamic world where the events are shaping our future, it is very crucial for the youth to know and realize the power of their voice in shaping the world.Dialogues are a way to stop conflicts and to resolve issues of top priority with peace. A diplomatic conclave will help an individual to grow and to come out of the comfort shell to undergo changes which will help to develop one’s personality . 

Not forgetting a conclave will also enhance the knowledge ,critical thinking skills, speaking skills of every delegate participating in it. UADC looks forward for a holistic development of every individual participating in it by giving them an enhanced experience of diplomacy ,debate, negotiation and team work.

The theme of UADC 2019 will be Climate Action – in regard to the increased tensions on climate change in and around the world. We feel that its high time, we the youth should take the responsibility  to change ourselves and as well as others. Climate change has been a problem since a very long time, but now its not a problem anymore, it’s a threat to mankind, and we believe we have really less time to work for a change. Thereby, the official tagline for UADC 2019 shall be ACTION THROUGH DIALOGUE.

“Let’s think big!”

“Let’s go Green!”