March 30, 2020 9:00 am UTC+0


Kyoto, Japan


Coalesce Research Group is very glad to announce “World Nursing Care Congress” (Nursing Care Congress 2020) is going to be held during March 30-31, 2020 at Kyoto, Japan. The main theme of our conference is “Nursing care at its best: Proficient and caring” features top-notch & oral presentations of experts during conference allowing attendees to have interactive sessions and to learn latest experiences & best practice.

Conference will focus on current Nursing research, developments and innovations internationally and as evidenced in both Nursing and Nursing Care Plan.

·         Teaching, Assessment and Learning in University and Clinical Practice

·         Continuing Professional Development

·         Continuing Education

·         Patient Safety

·         Innovation, Academic Leadership and Evaluation Research

·         Midwifery care

On behalf of the Conference Executive Board of Nursing care Congress 2020 we are pleased to invite Nurses, Doctors, Physicians, Nurse Care practitioners, Professors, Research fellows, Directors, Deans, Post-graduates in Nursing Practices, Health Care Professionals, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Managers/Supervisors, Clinical Study Observers, Nurse Mid-wives, Nurse Leaders, Nurse Entrepreneurs, Nursing Faculty, Nursing Academicians, Students. It is a gathering to explore issues of common concern and also exchange knowledge, share evidence, thoughts, and create solutions.