Mutual Promotion

Normal Promotion
MUN Finder mutual exchange*
*Arbitrary units, values according to MF traffic data.

If you want to promote your conference/other thing related to MUNs you now have a promotion possibility on MUN Finder.
By joining our Mutual Promotion Programme, those seeking a big multinational audience can have a banner of their conference on our website in exchange for ours on their website.
It is just that simple.
If you are interested, write to us using the form at the bottom of this page, so that we can discuss the details.

Additional information:
Before joining our programme, please read the the following:

  1. How long would you like to participate? You are free to propose the time, but bear in mind that it needs concur with our internal politics. Don’t worry, it is us who will check on it and inform you.
  2. Do you have a banner? Yours banner should fit certain dimensions (1200 x 350 px), and comply with our aesthetic standards. If we see there is some significant room for improvement in your graphic, we will suggest what should be changed.
  3. If you don’t have a banner, but you have a logo and general idea of what should be included on such, we offer design of the banner, according to your hints and our standards. (Option available to conferences hosting over 300 delegates)
  4. You are not allowed to change our banner / advertisement materials, however; we hope you will inform us about the needed size to fit your page. If you predict any serious coloristic, or other, conflict associated with the banner we send you, feel free to tell us in advance, we can easily modify it.