Welcome to Conference Registration. Fill in the details of your conference, those will be visible to delegates so we encourage you to be descriptive and welcoming. Once submitted, it will be reviewed by our team and published. We will inform you when that happens.

Add a Conference

In order to make your conference easily available in the Finder, please make sure you select the appropriate categories for your MUN.

In the “Location”box it is advised to write the address as specifically as you can, including: street, city, state (if in the US), country. Optionally, clicking the “Google Maps” box will allow you to drop a marker in the specific location.

You can write about all the features of your MUN that haven’t been included in any of the infomration above. You are also welcome to write something encouraging other people to attend this conference and paste the link to the official website.

It is recommended that the conference’s picture includes its logo, is at least of the size 800×500 pixels and does not exceed 400KB in .jpg format. It can also relate to the location of the conference or some unique features of it (building, city, country).

If you are planning your conference upon long notice and you don’t know the exact date yet, give a tentative date, you can make it more precise later.