October 16, 2020 9:00 am UTC+5.5

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With great pride and enthusiasm, we present to you the first edition of the Asia International Summit 2020 in Collaboration with Expresso, National Institute of Technology Patna (NIT Patna)


THREE Committees


ONE Conference


Following are the details of the Conference:-


Date: 16-18 October 2020


Committees and Agendas:-


1. UNHRC: Promote and protect all human rights-civil rights, political rights, economic, social and cultural rights

Benefits, including the right to development

2. UNGA – DISEC : Developments in the field of information and telecommunications in the

context of international security

3. AIPPM: Truncating the scope of money laundering in india along with maintaining social integrity and security


• The participation fee is 300 INR/ 5USD(international delegates), per delegate


What you get:


★Debate worthy committees and agendas

★Exciting Cash Prizes

★Certificates of participation from NIT Patana

★Experienced Executive Board

★Letter of Recommendation for winners from NIT Patna

★Golden opportunity to be a part of The Cafe MUN India

★Training sessions to help you learn and perform


Registration Link –  https://forms.gle/YmMq6d9c4CGc6jCg9


It would indeed be a privilege for us to have you participate in this Digital Conference and join us to engage in conclusive and constructive debates and deliberations.


In case of any queries contact:


IG: https://instagram.com/asiainternationalsummit?igshid=rl5xseo08xgx


Email: asiainternationalsummit@gmail.com


Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay informed!



The Secretariat

Asia International Summit 2020