June 20, 2020 9:00 am UTC+5.5


Diplomacy E model united nations is a Model UN conference organised in collaboration with kanchan mehra foundation to accumulate funds for the people who are most affected by Covid – 19 .


the conference will take place on 20 – 21 june  , the timings are as follows ;


9 AM  –  2 PM


NOTE : We will have a training session one day before the conference




World Health Organisation –

Agenda – discussion and deliberation upon the covid-19 crisis


Harry Potter

Agenda – Managing the crisis in the ministry of magic caused by the return of dark lord voldermort



Agenda – Social protection systems for sexual, fundamental and reproductive rights of women with special emphasis on super annual pay gaps .


Riverdale ( crisis committee )

Agenda – classified


Game Of Thrones ( crisis committee )

Agenda – classified


Security Council

Agenda – The Threat of Non State Terrorist Groups with special emphasis on the Islamic State.



Agenda – Abrogation of article 370


Money Heist

Agenda – Classified


indian war cabinet

Agenda – Classified



Agenda – Assessing the risks of Commercial space flight


Note – filling out this application does not guarantee you a place at the conference , your application will be carefully considered and if you are awarded a place at the conference you will be notified via Email ,


applicants will have to make the delegate fee payment on the same day of receiving confirmation , any delay in payment might result in cancellation of the delegate’s portfolio .




Delegate Fee ( individual ) – INR 300



Note ( only online modes of payment like PAYTM are accepted )


Prizes :-


Best Delegate – INR 800


High Commendation – INR 500


Special Mention – ( no cash prize )


verbal Mention – ( no cash prize )


for any further queries contact us at – info.diplomacyemun@gmail.com


link to matrices – https://1drv.ms/x/s!Aj8Rs0nCjfiba9MrwsCMTv1JKHU