October 3, 2020 8:30 am UTC-6


DUMUN 2020

Join one of the best online debating competitions. In DUMUN 2020, you will be able to analyze, discuss and resolve global issues of extreme importance. Delegates will represent a country while debating on such issues keeping in mind that peace, security and global prosperity are necessary. Join us in this international and Free conference with a diverse secretariat and chairs to experience one of the greatest conferences you can possibly attend! We hope to see you there!

Details of the conference:

-Virtual Conference Via Zoom

-Date: October 3 and 4 from 8:30 Am (CST) to 4:30 Pm (CST)

-Free Registration Fee

-Will grant participation diplomas and awards to Diplomacy, Honorable mention, Outstanding delegate and Best Delegate!


-Security Council – The Belarusian Crisis (Crisis Committee)

-ECOSOC – Big Tech: Tackling the negative impact, violations of user data privacy and global corporate espionage

-General Assembly – The Rise of Genetic Engineering

Registration Link for Delegates: https://forms.gle/GdDDoxBuD7YadPPR6


Registration Link for Chairs: https://forms.gle/z38XBzGRL7XDwm9J6Find us in Instagram as well! https://www.instagram.com/dumun2020/?hl=es-la