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The essence of HPS MUN 2021 is to act as a harbinger of the new world. By bringing together young ignited minds on one platform and encourage them towards a solution-based approach for issues that grip the world at large. 

HPS MUN 2021 is planned with The New Normal World in our sights and the aim to assist the leaders of tomorrow to be ready for bringing peace, harmony, and faith – a message, encompassing everything the countries of the world unitedly stand for. 

The conference will be held online on 22nd and 23rd May 2021. 

The MUN will be host to 10 incredible committees focusing on agendas close to home as well as those that have a global impact!

United Nations Security Council 

Agenda: French President on Islam w.r.t opposition in Pakistan and other Islamic nations.

As the world fights with the terror of Coronavirus, the French President sparks the heated discussion of religion-based terrorism. In a world that desperately needs to stand together, what will the effect of his actions be on global peace?

World Health Organisation

Agenda – Effect of COVID 19 on the mental health of students

At the stage where most of a child’s development, be it IQ or EQ, the youth have been confined to lockdowns and homeschooling due to the ongoing threat of Coronavirus. It raises the question- what impact has it had on their mental health and how can we reduce its effect on their lives ahead?

World Trade Organisation 

Agenda – The future of the WTO-Reforms and Compromises

The WTO has had a reputation as an effective and efficient institution. The question now is whether it is possible to work within the current confines of the WTO and reform it such that all members are appeased, allowing its work to continue as normal?

Commission on the Status of Women

Agenda – Women in STEM: Gender Equality and the empowerment of women in the era of climate change

Women in STEM are still facing discrimination. Is it possible to draw up a widely agreed-upon framework for peacekeeping through which women’s interests are taken into account without being tokenized?

National Health Care Council 

Agenda – State of Indian Healthcare system and infrastructure

From hospitals unable to admit patients due to lack of availability of beds to people dying in streets right outside some of the country’s best medical facilities. What are the best ways to uphold the Indian Healthcare Infrastructure immediately and what is the best solution for the future?

National Education Committee

Agenda – Dominance of class 12 exams to secure admission into undergraduate courses

As of April 2021, the batch of class 12th 2020-2021 has been in the same grade for over 13 months and will remain so for at least 2 months more. While the world suffers, these children have been at a standstill. It’s time that we question – are Class 12th boards the method for securing college admission or is it time for a policy change?

Special Council

Agenda – The ban of cryptocurrency in the Indian state

With its total estimated market value in trillions, the cryptocurrency is growing rapidly. While internationally the currency continues to rise every day, it faces a ban in India. Is it the best move or will this decision affect the development of India?

National Economic Council

Agenda – Formulation of a Special 2-Year Plan for the revival of Indian Economy

Did you know that nearly 2/3rd of the USA’s total population formulates the number of total cases of Covid in India? Still a developing country with an actively falling GDP, what can India do to revive its economy?

Emergency Meet 

Agenda – Final decision on implementation of farm laws 

After more than 8 months of protests in the national capital, the farmers still seek some resolution on the Farm Bills. Will they get the relief they seek or will the bill bring about a change in Indian Agriculture?

Internet Warriors

Agenda – Breach of Freedom of Speech, Right to Privacy, and Cyber Bullying

With everyone nearly living on the Internet, especially in this ‘new normal, it becomes imperative, now more than ever, to question – is it possible to safeguard the people, their rights, and their freedom in the virtual world?

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