April 17, 2021 9:00 am UTC-5

Hosted by the Longfellow Middle School Model United Nations Team in Virginia, USA, the first session of the Longfellow conference, or LFMUNC, is a middle school conference open nationally, with seven total committees and topics delving into worlds of 18th century France and the current global health crisis. With the goal of driving delegates to challenge the unknown or to rewrite what has already been set in stone and to grow all participants as young leaders of the future, the first session of this year’s conference invites both the aspiring diplomat and the prominent leader to learn about using creativity to cooperate with those around them and reach a resolution on selected topics. Due to the health restrictions, LFMUNC will be held online, using the virtual platform, Blackboard Collaborate on April 17th, with registration closing on the 9th of April at latest. We do not charge any fee for participating delegates and schools. More information, including registration, can be found on our website, and any questions can always be directed to our email: longfellowmunconf@gmail.com.

Inspire, aspire, lead. As always.