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October 31, 2020 11:00 am UTC+5.5

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Gujarat MUN

The Gujarat Model United Nations is a concept brought about by a group of ardent young individuals with a passion for public speaking, set to change the face of MUN conferences in India. It is an attempt to create a platform for the youth to showcase diplomacy & leadership through the medium of debate, portray their opinion and bring about innovations in dynamics of the current world affairs.

We at Gujarat MUN emphasise upon the need for a corporate environment and amiable hospitality to elevate the experience of debating all together. It is an effort to bring about an aura of professionalism to the school and college MUN conferences.

We wish to give the delegates an exhilarating experience in addition to the plethora of knowledge they would carry back with themselves.

MUN Conference focuses on providing the best of everything to the delegates from amazing facilities to informative debates. GMUN gives it all. Moreover, Delegates say that, “GMUN is the Best MUN they have attended.” And we believe the sole reason for that is not only their flawless management but also the way it treated the delegates. GMUN went beyond the practical utility of public speaking in terms of exercise linked directly to learning about the International Organizations and it’s functioning because it also went beyond a highly recommended experience for anyone interested in international affairs and guide the future careers of the delegates in that field.

GMUN’15 was the first MUN arranged by that committee and it was beyond amazing.

GMUN’s aim is to empower tomorrows leaders and create a well functioning society; GMUN was one step towards it. The executive board of GMUN says,

”We were sure before taking this step in the right direction there would have been a lot of people who would have said, ‘It’s one thing to aim for the stars and another thing to be foolish’. After all, not many can believe that a group of young people can devote their time to get hundreds of students to discuss topics that have made even the most intellectual people of the world toil hard for solutions.”

GMUN 2020

First virtual conference was organised in April followed by a

Second season in May; It was the first ever virtual conference to organize Socials.

Third season was in July with delegate registrations of 550+

Currently being held the Fourth season is expanding to the Global Corridors.



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