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October 24, 2020 11:00 am Asia/Kolkata


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Warm greetings from RBK International Academy!

Welcome to the 8th edition of our annual inter-school event, the RBKIA Model United Nations Conference – RMUN 2020! This is our first ever online MUN. This event will be held on the 24th and 25th of October, 2020. This is a simulation of United Nations meetings where students assume the role of representatives of different countries and engage in discussions and dialogue, seeking solutions to issues of global concern.

It is an opportunity for students to interact and develop strong communication and debating skills as well as to get a chance to practice diplomacy and lobbying. It is expected that students will conduct research on assigned topics and countries in order to gain more insight and a better perspective of events, and issues affecting the world.

This conference is open to delegates of all abilities: both starting and experienced participants. In an attempt to foster good communication skills, we are open to entries from Grades 6-12. To facilitate better participation from the first-timers, we have introduced dedicated committees and agenda that inexperienced candidates can explore with greater confidence.

Our team here at RBKIA is beyond excited to introduce you to the wonderful committees that we have decided to hold this year. Each committee has been given an intriguing and engaging agenda to go along with it, and we’re sure that it will keep you on your toes and prepare you for 2 days of intense debating and fraternizing!


Committees That Will Be Held For Grades 9-12:

1.) United Nations Historical Security Committee (UNHSC):

a.) Agenda: Chinese Civil War (PRC vs ROC).

2.) United Nations Security Council (UNSC):

a.) Agenda: Peacebuilding measures in post-conflict regions with special emphasis on Iraq and Libya.

3.) United Nations Disarmament & International Security Committee (UNDISEC):

a.) Agenda: Combatting the increasing influence of the jihadist group Boko Haram in the West Africa region.


Committees That Will Be Held For Grades 6-8:

1.) United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS):

a.) Agenda: H3 mining and its economic and social impacts.

2.) United Nations Social, Humanitarian, & Cultural Committee (UNSOCHUM):

a.) Agenda: The social impact of refugee intake.

3.) United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC):

a.) Agenda: Combating modern slavery.


Participation Fee: Free!

RMUN Contact Email:

RMUN Contact Number: +91 99209-58641


Visit the RMUN 2020 website for more information on which committees will be held, their agendas, our Zoom guidelines, Rules Of Procedure, a “Meet The Team” section with our entire Executive Board, the timetables for both days (in Indian Standard Time), and very important FAQs.

RMUN 2020 Website Link:

You can also register on the website! Just go to the link above and click the “Register” button! However, we will also add the registration link here for easy access.

RMUN 2020 Registration Link:

The last date for registration for this MUN is the 18th of October, 2020. Once you register on the form above, we will email you back with your committee, country, and a few more details within a period of 2 days. We will also have 2 brief training sessions before the MUN that any new delegates can attend to learn more about the MUN and how you can prepare for it. The links for these will be emailed to you when you register.


Please don’t forget to contact us via our email, the contact phone number, or our Instagram account “_rbkia_mun_” if you have any confusions or questions. Thank you!