May 30, 2020 9:00 am UTC+5.5


We thought that *Reconcile eMUN* was a one and done thing. However, all you delegates gave us the love and inspiration to dare, to strive and we present to you…

*”Reconcile eMUN 2.0!!!!!!!”*

*’Discover Diplomacy’*


Reconcile eMUN is back in town, this time bigger and better! We come to you with a perspective, a goal of creating new bondings, new relations, new friendships as the name Reconcile in its literal meaning suggests.


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👉🏻Research Checklists to foster and nurture speedy, efficient and detailed research

👉🏻And Debate like never seen before


Need some more reasons to register❓❓

Presenting our Committees and Agendas based on the theme of “Looking into the Abstract”

👉🏻UNSC: The Threat of Non-State Terrorist Groups with Special Emphasis on the Islamic State

👉🏻UNHRC:Combating Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance with special emphasis on the current situation

👉🏻HLPF: Ending Abuse, Exploitation, Traffiking and All Forms of Violence against and Torture of Children


Dates👉🏻 30th and 31st May


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Cash Prizes for IP👉🏻 Rs.300/- for Best Reporter


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Round 1 Registration Charges👉🏻 120 rupees only


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Rs.300/- For Best Delegate and Rs.200/- for High Comendation


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