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June 19, 2021 10:00 am Asia/Dili


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Interested in series, books, and movies? Come to The Meliora Summit, delegate applications open now. We welcome all with highly experienced EB Fun committees, interesting agendas, certificates for all, and lastly, a wholesome experience. And all of this for nill or no cost! The Fun and amazing committees include;


  • HUNGER GAMES! -> 19th June
  • STRANGER THINGS! -> 20th June


  • MURDER CABINET! -> 26th June

“Where there is no imagination, there is no horror.”

Will skills surpass imagination or you will lose the ability to deduce common facts?

  • MYTHICAL COURT! -> 26th June

The gods, the holy source of power may not always be right. But a court needs to be established. Where all would stand equally against the law of humanity will they be convicted or will they turn out free with their amazing charm?

  • THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! ->27th June
  • MAGIX! -> 27th June

A raging war between light and dark. Right and wrong, will you maintain balance or let the darkness rule. The wizardry world is divided into two parts. Light and Dark. The Elves, maintain the balance between the dark and light, life and death. But the dark had been over-shadowing the light once, when the light eventually committed the grave inhumane activity of eradicating the dark via a genocide. Years later, a new dark force has risen. The Elves are more vigilant now, what will happen in the final war.