Promotion on MUN Finder

If you want to promote your conference/other thing related to youth conferences you now have a promotion possibility on MUN Finder. In our Promotion Programme, we offer promotional options tailored for your needs and conference’s prowess.

It Is Just That Simple

There are three steps to start a promotion on MUN Finder: 

  1. Conference Registration – your conference must be first registered and approved (by our team) on MUN Finder. To do that, the organiser needs a free MUN Finder Membership Account, which can be obtained here.
  2. Conference Promotion Application Form – found on the bottom of this page, the form needs to be filled with the details of your conference and any comments. We require that the promoted conferences are complete (i.e. contain a conference picture, full description, links, etc.).
    Our team will review the application and respond accordingly with a chat about further arrangements that need to be made or otherwise.
  3. Final Arrangements – To help other delegates, we require that the promoted conferences display MUN Finder logo on their website / social media / conference itself, and / or any other materials requested by our team (promotion tier dependent).

We want to ensure that the conferences we promote, are promoted due to a greater value that they bring to the community, extra effort spend to cater for the delegates. Therefore, this process is free of charge but not free of our regulations and expectations that need to be met for a conference to be included in our programme.

Promotion Tiers

We offer the following promotional options on MUN Finder: 

  1. The MUN Finder Banner – a full-page banner on our homepage.
  2. Curated Content Display – your conference smaller banner featured in curated content section of our homepage.
  3. Recommended Conferences Section –  your conference displayed under recommended conferences on our homepage.
  4. Feature Conference – your conference will be featured: special badge and appearance on top of some conferences’ lists on MUN Finder.

During the application, please select the promotional tier(s) that suit your conference the most. We will require more completeness, details, and MUN Finder placements, for higher tiers, while the lower ones often require just our logo ‘somewhere’.

Additionally, each tier is subject to quotas, we will inform you if a quota is reached for the period and what can be done about that.

You are also welcome to suggest your own promotional interaction, such as social media.

Conference Promotion Application Form:

    1. The MUN Finder Banner2. Curated Content Display3. Recommended Conferences Section4. Feature Conference5. Other, specified below

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