MUN stands for Model United Nations.

It is a conference which is a simulation of real United Nations proceedings. Such events are organized commonly around the world. They usually last 3 days and everyone is welcome to sign up for such.

Why attend?
Attending an MUN is a unique opportunity for increasing your debating, discussing, research and negotiation skills, learning how to protect your arguments and find flaws in others’ ideas. You develop your personality by civic engagement, public speaking and increasing your self-confidence. You become more aware of many problems that today’s world has to tackle and find out how the most important world issues could be solved in UN. All along with that, it is a great fun – you can form alliances, plot against your enemies and so on.
How does it work?
Any student can sign up (an entire school’s delegation is recommended) for an MUN as long as he/she full fills the MUN’s requirements (if there are such). It can be an appropriate age or experience but most MUNs do not require anything except being a student of a high school or university.
Most MUNs have fees which usually vary between $30 – $50. This does not include transport and accommodation in the specific city.
For a more detailed information visit the wikipedia page about Model United Nations: